The Story We See - 2015

New Spiritual Leader

Elizabeth Turner
by Elizabeth Turner
In the late 1960s and early 1970s, a research associate of Bill Thetford, Helen Schucman, worked on a text that became known as A Course in Miracles. The text was published in 1976, and became became recognized throughout the 1980s, as it was praised by “New Age guru” Marianne Williamson on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Considered a notable text in the spirituality or “New Thought” genre, the book sold more than two million copies. Since then, the book has disseminated throughout the world, picking up followers.
Bridget Trama, Anne-Marie Imperiales and the other women and men that meet at Organic Gingersnaps Cafe in the West Village of lower Manhattan provide a small glimpse into how the book and its teachings have revolutionized the way people think about things like “love” and “fear” and daily life. The people that meet at the cafe are just one example of the impact that the course in miracles text has had on people. Bridget’s (and Mary’s) moving to Los Angeles could be thought of as signifying a new direction for the text’s messages, as it will reach more people with their move.