The Story We See - 2015

Meet The Team

- Denise Chatman

Denise Chatman

Denise Chatman is a rising senior studying Journalism & Philosophy at New York University. She loves taking on new challenges; especially those that deal with Innovation, Entertainment, and Discovery. In 2007 she joined a virtual world called “Kaneva” and became an online fashion designer. In 2014, she entered the world of live streaming and to this day she entertains people from all over the world. This summer she looks to dive deeper into her Journalism major as she shoots her very first video news story.

- Oriana Durand

Oriana Durand

Oriana is a rising junior at Boston University exploring ways to channel her passions through journalism. She is actively pursuing her love for sports while trying to apply them towards potential career paths. Growing up in a sports fanatic home, from a French father and a Venezuelan mother, she has developed a growing interest in sports and culture and is excited at the prospect of experience in broadcast journalism.

- Ian Flickinger

Ian Flickinger

I'm a 21-year old magazine journalism major spending the summer in NYC. I write about sports, music, and entertainment.

- Emer A Hughes

Emer Hughes

Originally from Dublin, Ireland, Emer finished high school in Andover, MA and is now a Journalism and Comparative Literature student at NYU. She covered politics and foreign affairs as an intern for, and also interned with the Multimedia Investigations team at the Guardian in London.

In New York, she has also volunteered with a congressional campaign and worked with the Let's Get Ready tutoring program. She is looking forward to gaining multimedia experience and enjoying a summer in the city.

- Elisabeth Turner

Elizabeth Turner

Elisabeth Turner writes dystopian literature based on her experiences with New Yorkers and Ross Douthat's "Bad Religion." She's studying feminist criticism, biology, new media and writing at NYU's Gallatin School of Individualized Study and hopes to use this class to assist in her dystopian projects and in her aspirations for helping The New York Times navigate its future.

She's interned at a number of media outlets and interviewed CMOs about marketing trends. But she really just wants a book deal now so she can pay for the rest of her undergraduate education and become a real novelist, which is what she's wanted to be since she was four.

- Jaymee Marie Gray

Jaymee Gray

I'm Jaymee. I'm 20 and a rising senior studying English and Journalism at NYU. I watch too many movies, draw all over the place, and don't read enough.

- Caitie Hawthorne

Caitie Hawthorne

"Originally from the drought-infested San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, Caitie would rather define herself as a New Yorker. A rising senior at NYU double majoring in Tisch's Dramatic Writing and Broadcast Journalism, New York is the often her centerpiece for creative inspiration. From working in reality television to analyzing scripts for production companies, media continues to be her main concentration of studies. She frequently enjoys people watching and getting frustrated with tourists."

- Isabelle Tan Lee

Isabelle Tan Lee

Isabelle is a fresh graduate from the Philippines who loves life and hopes for everyone to love it too. She believes that dreams are meant to be big, but also meant to be fulfilled. In her free time, she likes to meet friends, travel places, and practice yoga.

- Lauren Leonhardt

Lauren Leonhardt

Lauren currently attends NYU where she double majors in Journalism and French. When she's not interning or in class, she likes to binge watch Dance Moms, scroll through tumblr, and attempts to cook without burning down her Stuytown apartment.

- Stephanie Leontiev

Stephanie Leontiev

Interests include but are not limited to people, places, and things.

- Jiaye Tang

Jiaye Tang

My name is Jiaye Tang. I am a Chinese student from Communication University of China. I am about to begin my master program in international journalism this September in CUC.It's my first time to come to New York City and I believe it will be a fantastic experience for me.I am so excited to explore the city and find out great stories for you!

- Alexa Thompson

Alexa Thompson

Alexa Thompson is an incoming senior majoring in Television in Broadcast Journalism at Chapman University in Orange, California. She loves working with people, especially through the use of reporting. When she was a freshman, her first internship at KEYT News Station in Santa Barbara inspired her love for news and writing. Alexa hopes to supplement her educational endeavors with real-world experience that will help her build a foundation for her career. At Chapman University, Alexa is a reporter for Chapman News. Alexa is seeking to further her knowledge of the news media industry through hands-on experience and interaction with people engaging in the career of one day being a news anchor and or reporter. She has early and proven experience covering major media events such as Writers Guild Awards, MTV Movie Awards, iHeart Radio Music Awards, Radio Disney Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, Season 8 The Voice, movie premieres, and exclusive talent interviews. Alexa absolutely adores E! Online, Huffington Post, USA TODAY, CNN, and Seventeen magazine. Some other details about Alexa are that she enjoys being productive, running, spending time with my family and friends, writing, and going on adventures. As soon as she graduates from Chapman University in Spring 2016, she is very eager to move to New York. Alexa is very excited to be taking summer classes at NYU because her passion for journalism and reporting keeps growing every day.

- Jiazhen Zhang

Jiazhen Zhang

I'm Jiazhen Zhang. You can also call me Hachio. I am originally from China and I love old school pop music from the 1960s to 1990s and basketball. My goal is to be a sports journalist one day and report on the NBA. I hope through this class, I can not only learn a lot of multimedia skills but also have a great time with you guys. Last but definitely not least, the Boston Celtics rule!

- Anjali Sakhrani

Anjali Sakhrani


This is Anjali, and I am a current Media Studies Master's student at the New School. I enrolled in the Stories We See class this summer to complement, but also diversify, my previous coursework, and learn how to tell and execute stories through a journalistic lens. I completed my undergraduate degree in Economics in the Spring of 2012, and while my experience lies primarily within the financial sector, my ambition is to be able to curate work which sparks curiosity and which is stimulating. As cliched as it sounds, I am excited to continue learning about the world through this profession, and want to challenge myself to be a better writer and a better observer.

- Nicole Ashley Schubert

Nicole Schubert

My name is Nicole Ashley Schubert and I am a current graduate student at the New York University Arthur L. Carter Journalism School, specializing in reporting the nation. I currently graduated with a bachelors degree in Communications and International Development at Tulane University in New Orleans, LA. Graduating with two service learning fellowships in the A.B. Freeman Business School and Center for Public Service, I created an organization named iRock News. iRock News teaches students at underdeveloped schools in the Algiers Charter School System journalism and creative writing. Secondary to service learning, it is my goal to master an expertise in the Middle East and Israel.

- Katie Schlechter

Katie Schlechter

After graduating in 2011, Kathryn Schlechter taught high school English in a small rural town in Northern France for one year. She returned to New York in 2012 to intern at Democracy Now!

In 2013, she left her long-term internship to work as the Editor in Chief of IndyKids, a newspaper written for and by kids.

She's excited to start a dual masters in Journalism and Latin American & Caribbean Studies through NYU's Global and Joint Program Studies in Fall 2015.

While she has experimented with photography over the years, Professor Mihai's summer class is her first opportunity to work with video.

- Adrian Mihai

Adrian Mihai

Professor Mihai ( ), the broadcast operations manager of the department, is a freelance videographer, independent producer and multi-media designer. He produced and directed several documentaries, "E Pluribus Unum" (1994), a film that investigates the spiritual milieu of first generation immigrants from Romania, as they become integrated into the various folds of the American society, "Someone Has Killed The Sphinx" (1995), a film offers an analysis of Romanian social realities following the overthrow of Nicolae Ceausescu's dictatorship, as seen through the staging of"Oedipus", at the Romanian National Opera House, "Crossroads" (1998), a film that takes a look at Columbia University's Graduate Acting Program, created and steered by renowned Romanian-American director Andrei Serban, "E Biagoresqo Drom / The Endless Journey", a documentary about the Rroma/Gypsy communities of Romania.

Professor Mihai worked as freelance cameraman for various news organizations such as Bloomberg televison news, BBC America. Since 1996, he has taught undergraduates and graduates "Electronic News Gathering".

- Valerie Nelson

Valerie Nelson

Valerie is a rising senior in the broadcast journalism program at NYU. A stint at MSNBC has sparked her interest in politics, but she also loves arts, fashion, and pop culture. Aside from journalism, Valerie likes to go to history museums, volunteer at animal shelters, and make cupcakes.